The guitar is a wonderfully versatile instrument. It has made its way into all sorts of musical style. Along with the obvious rock and blues, the guitar can be found in jazz and classical music. You are just as likely to see it in acoustic or electric form.
If that wan’t enough, we can wrangle sounds typically associated with keyboards, from our guitars.
In the studio, we have a number of devices to use to get keyboard sounds from our guitars.

GR-50 by Roland is a true guitar synth with pitch to MIDI conversion offering piano, organ strings, bass and drum sounds

VG-88 by Roland is more of a sound modifier offering a more limited array of sounds but better ‘tracking’. It also offers guitar modeling. I am not convinced the different amp sounds make any real difference but  one can create  some really interesting sounds

GT-6 by Boss is a guitar multi effects unit but it also has a cool monophonic analog synth on board.

Electro-Harmonix Freeze Pedal Called a sound retainer, it acts like the sustain/damper pedal on a keyboard. I play a chord and hit the pedal and it holds the chords with an cool organ/ethereal type of sound.

First up, we have a solo guitar version of Cherokee. The guitar is loaded with effects and there is a swelling sound that comes in after the chords.

Next is a Guitar duo the Guitar VG-88 acting as an organ with the fret-less guitar being the lead voice. The song is “Out of Nowhere”

Next is just the Freeze Pedal and a solo guitar version of Duke Ellington’s “Prelude to a Kiss”

Misty done similarly to Cherokee with solo guitar and synth

My Funny Valentine with me also playing drums

Finally, A very un synthy use of the gear with the VG-88 simulating a B Bender equipped Tele, the Bass is the VG-88 as well but sampled and looped on my RC-30. The GT-6 does some harmonizing.