About a year ago I bought the Pick Punch. an innovative way to turn empty gift cards and expired credit cards, into guitar picks. Today I though I’d do a review and show you how to use it

Now, for years, players have been reshaping picks, using bread tabs as picks and cutting picks out of expired credit cards and milk jugs. The pick punch allows you a some amount of consistency and, using my method, a way maximize the number of picks (5) you can get from one gift card.

A couple of things; you can’t use Nintendo, iTunes or similar types of cards. These gift cards are only redeemed on devices and are actually compressed paper.

Personally I do not use these picks. I prefer to use Jim Dunlop 3mm Stubbies. But I do find these are great picks to give away to students at our Winnipeg music school.

Alright, let’s dig in.

Without trying, you can get 3-4 picks from a single card. If you try a little harder you can get 5 every time.

  1. Flip the punch upside down
  2. Align the card so the first pick’s side and point will be right right at the edges of the card.
  3. You can punch from there but I find it works better to press it enough to hold the card in place.
  4. Flip it over
  5. punch out a pick.
  6. Repeat from as close to the last pick

If you do to 2 lengthwise on eand end of the card, you’ll be able to get a 5th one from the middle.

5 Guitar picks for the pick of zero! (after a modest $25 USD investment)

There you have it. The pick punch and how to get 5 picks from one old gift card

As usual, if you have any questions about this or any other topic, feel free to write me at riverheightsmusic@gmail.com