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 Jazz Guitar Lessons Winnipeg

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Jazz music is a style of music near and dear to our heart. The skills accumulated while learning jazz will allow you to make other styles of music much easier to learn and play . Learning the tools of jazz (scales, modes, arpeggios, 3-7 part chords and their inversions) really unlock the fret board in a way other styles of music cannot.

The only other music that can unlock the fret board is classical music, but those skills do not necessarily transfer well to other musical styles like rock, blues or pop.

Jazz comes in many styles, styles within a style if you will.
There are music that gets mistaken for jazz or we might merely think of a ‘jazzy’ sounding and certainly jazz elements can be found in some other music. We have found jazzy things in rock, pop, blues and even church music.

But the most basic descriptor of jazz music is improvisation. We are not talking about just an instrumental solo like you’d find in a blues or rock tune. We are talking improvisation from top to bottom. Each time we play a jazz tune we are trying to play it differently. Each ‘chorus’ we are going to accompany the soloist differently and of course our solo is improvisation.

So whether we are playing the basic melody, soloing or accompanying, we improvise it each and every time. Playing the same thing is actually considered cheating.

To start your journey towards becoming a jazz guitarist you’ll need some basic reading skills and have learned all the standard chords. Those would be; open position chords as well as barre chords in every key, based on 6th and 5th string roots covering major, minor and 7th types.

Students can be anything from high school band students, interested adults or those looking to past university auditions!

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