Private Guitar Lessons

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We offer guitar lessons for people of all levels and (almost) all ages 7- Adult. Beginners as well as advanced students.
Whether you are just starting out or preparing for a University Music Program audition we have the teachers and expertise to help you reach your goals or the goals of your kids.

Our lessons are weekly private lessons.

Why Private Lessons?

We discovered, a long time ago, that the best way to learn any instrument, from the beginning till the more advanced stages, was through private lessons. Private classes allow you to ask specific questions, learn at a pace best suited to you, tailor the lessons to your specific goals and not feel rushed nor held back by the pace of a group class.

Look at it this way, take 10 people with absolutely no guitar experience and put them in a group setting for 4 weeks over the course of a month and at the end of those 4 weeks you’ll have 10 people at 10 different levels. Many factors can cause this; different perceptions of the material, different amounts of practice, some or no past musical experience and even the quality of the instrument of each student.

So, with private instruction, you have none of that negative stuff. You get one on one attention, you set the pace, you decide the amount of time you or your kid can practice and the teacher can assign work based on the student’s actual progress and not on the group’s average.


Quite honestly, group lessons are a better business model for places that are not dedicated to a good music education. You can put 5-10 students in one room with only one teacher to pay. As well that music store can charge you less per lesson so it seems like a deal from the consumer end. Unfortunately the only good here is the money, the money you don’t spend and the money they make off of you. Anyone who manages to get past the group lessons experience AND still wants to learn how to play, must seek out private lessons to actually learn how to play (and usually have to re-start near the beginning) so maybe those group lessons are not such Winnipeg Guitar Lessonsa good deal.

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