Holding The Guitar

In reality we do not hold the guitar. We balance it. If we were to hold the guitar with our hands, we would not be able to effectively play music on the instrument.

So here are some simple steps and short video to help you.

  • With the head-stock on you left and the body on your right, put the indent between bouts (the narrow ‘waist’ of the guitar body) on your right leg.
  • Make sure your knee is the same height as your hip (by lowering your chair or raising your knee)
  • Place your right arm over the lower bout and have the crook of your arm on the joint where the side and top meet.
  • Allow the guitar to settle into position

That is it! You should be able to now play the strings with your right hand, notes and chords with the left.

As we play longer, some bad form may creep into our posture and more. This is where a qualified teacher can help with weekly lessons to speed learning and point out things like this for you.

As always, if you have any questions about this topic or any other guitar subject, please feel free to write me a riverheightsmusic@gmail.com

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