Guitar Lessons For Adults

 Adult Guitar Lessons  in Winnipeg

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You are never too old to learn to play and instrument. If you start today, 5 years from now you could be just 5 years older or 5 years older and playing the guitar.

There are a few advantages to starting a musical instrument later in life.

  • you can have some clear goals
  • you have no delusions of becoming a star
  • you can enjoy it more
  • you can have more immediate musical outlets with friends that already play

As an adult learner you can set your own pace, have your own goals and treat yourself to that sweet acoustic or electric guitar you’ve always wanted!

We have teachers of both genders and various age groups so you can feel more comfortable.

So call or write today and start your grown up journey to the fun of playing guitar.

Adult Guitar Lessons Winnipeg

River Heights School of Music
202-2025 Corydon Ave
2nd Floor of the Tuxedo Park Shopping Center
(Safeway, Starbucks Mall)
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
R3P 0N5