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Electric Guitar Lessons Winnipeg!

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Oh the electric guitar. Once a sign of freedom and rebellion it has worked its way into our collective society. Once only associated with loud music designed to get the heart pumping and the parents angry. Maybe it still does. At our school we treat the electric guitar like the serious instrument it is.

While other places might claim you can go from zero knowledge to playing your favorite songs right away, we know that is just blatant false advertising. We offer a straight forward approach to learning the guitar from top to where ever you want to take it.

In reality, whatever your end goals are on the  guitar you will still need to start at the basics. Our motto “Providing Students of all Ages the Skills to Last a Lifetime” seriously. What good is it to learn a song when you can’t learn another because you don’t know what went into that 1st song?

We teach you to read music, open position chords, barre chords, scales, soloing, etc. Along the way we teach you to teach yourself. Skills that last a lifetime.


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