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The blues is a music that transcends all music it seems. If you go to a jazz festival, a folk festival, a public BBQ, a nightclub and almost anywhere, someone will be playing the blues (or at least some promoter will think blues is a safe bet to have around).

Blues music is sometimes seen as the granddaddy of all music. It is not. Around the development of blues there was also the development of gospel, dixieland, ragtime and jazz. All these musics, including blues, developed and evolved alongside each other. Most like dixie, ragtime and blues stay pretty much in their same form while jazz and gospel music have evolved to genres inside genres, like jazz, or to be very different from their origins like gospel music.

The blues is a relatively east music to start in on, but as hard as any to master.

Blues is also the originator of slide guitar, originally done with the dull side of a pocket knife or glass medicine bottle.

Come study blues guitar with us and learn:

  • blues chord progressions and riffs
  • the 5 positions of the blues scale and the pentatonics
  • other scales we can and do use in the blues
  • the different blues forms
  • slide guitar
  • acoustic blues
  • electric blues
  • proper string bending

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